Jerry Calliste Jr., Calliste (pronounced kah-lease) is a serial entrepreneur, startups consultant, angel investor, philanthropist, opinions leader at The EIU, popular recording artist, songwriter and music publisher member of A.S.C.A.P. since 1983 and 1985 respectively and more.

Multi-awards winning Jerry Calliste Jr. Calliste (TW: @CALLISTE)
a.k.a. Hashim (TW: @OFFICIAL_HASHIM) is a “living legend” in Electro Hiphop, record label founder of Bassmint Music Inc. in 2001 and original co-founder and former vice president of Cutting Records Inc. 1983, music publisher, promoter, and legendary songwriter, producer and recording artist for over 30 years.

Who is Calliste? Learn more about this business leader who influenced millions of people worldwide with his music, his entrepreneurial business acumen and community service.

Little known fact: Calliste (Kalliste) is the original name of the stunningly beautiful Greek island Santorini. The Phoenicians in 1330 BC originally named the island Kalliste.

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