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I am in the process of developing “something special”.

I appreciate you for taking time to review and support my request. Let me know how I may be able to reciprocate and possibly help you.

Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands and stay at home to help save lives.

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To be clear this is not an emergency and definitely not a request to purchase a luxury product. I do not drink alcohol, I’m sober for 6 years 7 months and counting. I also do not engage in drug use (not even asprin for headaches).

Simply, I have an opportunity to participate in what I will call ‘something special’.

Since 1983 I’ve had a passion for entrepreneurship and education. I have created curriculum for two internships for 10 accredited U.S. universities, one international university and supervised 30+ interns. My track record of success in the entertainment industry and life has been blessed and extraordinary.

I am fully committed to additional success in coming years. Your support is wholeheartedly appreciated.

Once again thank you for your support. ~ CALLISTE

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