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Calliste.me is an official site for Jerry Calliste Jr. (TW: @CALLISTE and @OFFICIAL_HASHIM) a serial startup entrepreneur, lateral thinker, C-level executive, and angel investor.

Calliste has over 39 years of experience as a media and entertainment company startup entrepreneur, angel investor, executive director, and strategic business consultant. As a C-Level executive, Calliste excels as an executive manager of operation’s, creating processes, strategic partnerships with top brands, securing licensing and sponsorships for both domestic and international companies.


Mr. Calliste Jr. Columbus, Ohio 2012.

Calliste is a popular and globally recognized independent music label founder and co-founder, living legend recording artist, music publisher, songwriter and independent promoter. Calliste a 2x RIAA gold award recipient, sold over 5 million units earning over $25 million in global sales and as director of events management and promoter, Calliste grew venue sales approximately 350%.

Today you will primarily find Calliste consulting startup entrepreneurs, small business owners and entertainers with business planning and strategic business development. Calliste also consults performing artists and songwriters, with the ins and outs of the recorded music business and music publishing to secure their copyrights, intellectual property rights and business assets.

Jerry Calliste Jr. - Calliste.me An Official SiteA Rainmaker, Trailblazer and Living Legend Calliste is truly a innovator and pioneer in the recorded music business. At a time when most songwriters, producers and artists were not getting their fair share of music revenue and still don’t to this day. Calliste, in 1983, at 17 years old and for many years after, is co-founder of Cutting Records Inc. and co-owner who owned 33.33% of the label. Calliste served as Cutting Records Vice President and co-managed the day-to-day label and music publishing operations respectively.

During the first five years of launching Cutting Records, Calliste’s executive and management responsibilities included developing Artist Repertoire (A&R) which is locating, signing and developing new talent, drafting and negotiating company contracts with artists, managers, attorney’s and international music publishers and record label owners. Calliste also took charge of national retail and national radio promotions and club promotions – gaining the store reports to, in turn gain airplay and “chart” Cutting Records artists.

For over 35 years Cutting Records went on to sell millions and millions of units and produce many R.I.A.A. gold and platinum awards winning artists, including two Grammy nominated artists, one of whom was nominated for a Grammy two times.

Early Days of Songwriting and Music Production
Jerry Calliste Jr. a songwriter member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) since 1983, wrote and co-produced Cutting Records first release, the now seminal and ultra-classic Electro HipHop song, “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as DJ’s say “It’s Time”. “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” went on to collectively sell over 2.5 million copies and is licensed on over 150 music productions globally. Just as important “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or “It’s Time”, influenced many DJ’s who spin and produce various genres, especially HipHop and Dance, break-dancers and poppers in Europe and Asia and fueled a movement in new innovative electronic music – Electro HipHop and arguably considered by his U.K. fans as “The Godfather of Electro (HipHop)!”

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Entrepreneur, music label executive, music publisher and living legend recording artist Hashim. Mr. Jerry Calliste Jr., 23, sporting his indie label Cutting Records jacket and GQ style fashion (circa NYC, 1988).

In early 1984, Calliste officially founded Hashim Music, a music publisher member of ASCAP since 1985, and owned 100% of the songwriter’s copyright and 100% of the music publisher copyright to all of his songs. Who does that at 17 years old? Calliste did.

Fast forward to present day music industry and Calliste still receives his publishing/ songwriting and artist royalties.

Since 2005, Calliste’s music appears on major labels and studios such as Universal Music (U.K. + The Netherlands), Universal Music TV (U.K.), Universal Pictures (U.S.A.), EA Sports (U.S.A., CAN), HBO (U.S.A.), Rockstar Games (U.S.A.), ActivisionBlizzard (U.S.A.), Native Instruments (GER), Sony Computer Entertainment of America (U.S.A.), Red Bull Music Academy (U.S.A., AUT), Def Jam Records (U.S.A.), Virgin Records (U.K.), Ministry of Sound (U.K.), Global Underground (U.K.), Kontor (GER) and many, many others See: Calliste’s Discography for an official and accurate listing of productions and licensing deals).

Music Publishing and Licensing
Since 1983, Calliste Jr.’s music is licensed on 150+ “Best of”, “Definitive”, “Classic” music compilations, video games, T.V. commercials and movies such as Activision Blizzards Call of Duty “Infinite Warfare”, Universal Pictures, “Straight Outta Compton”, HBO’s series “Ballers”, Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA), DefJam Records 30th Year Anniversary releases, Universal Music TV (U.K.), Universal Music (U.K.) and many, many more companies in more countries.

Calliste’s music is licensed by the likes of music producers, music legends and the world’s top DJ’s such as Rick Rubin, Dr. Dre, DJ Qbert, Diplo, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Cash Money, Scratch Perverts, Ferry Corsten, Johnny Vicious, Dave Clarke, Scott Henry, Frankie Bones and many, many more top DJ’s and producers worldwide.

Calliste’s music appears on Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro II (DJ gear + commercial), Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (game track + commerical), ActivisionBlizard’s DJ Hero: Renegade Edition, EA Sports FIFA 13 + more. As an independent promoter he worked with major labels EastWest Records and Mercury Records. He received 2 RIAA Gold certified awards for selling over 500,000 units each on two different releases.

Jerry Calliste Jr.’s success as an entrepreneur, independent label executive, music innovator and living legend Electro HipHop recording artist earned him awards and the right and respect, to be a go-to-guy in the music industry. His peers say, “Calliste is a natural at spotting and developing talent, recognizing trends and developing new ventures.”

Ventures Past and Present
Today, Calliste Jr.’s active ventures include Simplestream.us originally founded and launched in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. in ’09 and now operates under Simplestream Inc. and headquartered in New York City. Calliste Communications (Callistecomm.com) founded in ’05, Bassmint Music Inc. founded in ’01, Massimo Investment Association, LTD. (Massimoinvest.com) founded in ’95 and Hashim Music (Hashimmusic.com) founded in ’84.

A few of his past major ventures include but are not limited to, Cutting Records Inc. co-founded in ’83 in New York City, Precise Records/ Precise Entertainment Group, Ltd. founded in ’88 in New York City.


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Mr. Calliste Jr., 40, hot and dried out from the Summer heat. At Franklin University (circa 2006, Columbus, Ohio).

Mr. Calliste,
– Studied ASc. in Information Technology and dual majors BSc. in Information Technology & BSc. in Management Information Sciences at The Ross School of Management & Leadership at Franklin University (’06, ’08 -’10) and maintained a 3.75 GPA.
– Attended John F. Kennedy High School in Bronx, N.Y. and a short stint at Brandeis High School in Manhattan, N.Y. At J.F.K. H.S. Calliste participated in CMSP an IBM sponsored comprehensive advanced math and science program. Calliste passed the Archdiocese’s citywide test and Fordham Preparatory’s entry test and was headed to the prestigious Fordham Preparatory High School in Bronx, N.Y. before his parents decided on John F. Kennedy H.S.
– Attended St. Judes Catholic School in North Manhattan (204th St.) for middle school.

In the Community, In Politics, U.K. Royalty
– Invited by a New York City attorney and worked on then Senator Hillary R. Clinton’s, “Primary for President of USA” finance committee (’07-’08).
– Partnered Bassmint Music Inc.’s non-profit initiative with NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers Community Relations department. An internship student from The Ohio State University, under Calliste’s mentorship and supervision, sealed the deal with Cleveland Cavalier’s (’02, ’03, ’04).
– Worked with Mr. Arthur Bushkin on grassroots promotions for Fairfax, VA. based non-profit Stargazer.org “Harness the Power of the Internet”.
– Hosted V.I.P. b-day bash for The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson (’00) and a Columbus Monthly magazine for the “Single’s Life” magazine release party promoted by Calliste.
– Worked on then President of City Council Michael Coleman’s Campaign for Mayor of Columbus, OH. (’99) grassroots promotions on university campuses throughout the Columbus metro area. Mr. Coleman is still Mayor of the City of Columbus having served several terms.
– Worked in crisis management and adaptive behavior with kids 6 – 13 yrs old for over 4 years in Ohio and Florida (’93-’96 & ’99 respectively).

Additional Background
Mr. Calliste,
– Organized and promoted his first international event and featured 8 artists from three countries in Brixton London, England at the legendary Brixton Clubhouse (’13).
– Invited to speak at Winter Music Conference on two panels. Copyrights, Co-writes and Publishing (2x’s) and D.I.Y. Marketing (1x). (’04, ’05).
– Secured sponsor deals and nightclub partners for Bassmint Music with top brands Corona Extra, Finlandia, Jack Daniels, Guess?, FTV.com, Columbus Monthly, Charles Penzone, Max The Salon, aLive, Nationwide Arena and M at Miranova.
– Created curriculum for two collegiate internships, Media & Public Relations and Marketing Assistant positions where Calliste Jr. supervised 30+ students from 12 universities; The Ohio State U., Ohio U., Capital U., Ohio Wesleyan U., Otterbein College, University of Miami (FL), Tampa U. (FL), Hartford University (CT) and others + one international university, Vytautas Magnus University located in Lithuania. (’03 – ’07).
– Launched Bassmint Music Inc. and signed, released and distributed 15 artists. Including but limited to Spain’s Horthy, Italy’s DJ Jay-X, Lek Fong and others. Other artists hail from U.S.A., Canada, U.K., and Macedonia (’01 – ’06).

How Calliste Got His Start & More Music Industry Background

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(L to R) Tommy Boy Records founder and President Mr. Tom Silverman, Cutting Records Co-founder and former VP, Mr. Calliste (Hashim) and Tommy Boy Records former VP and office Manager Ms. Lynch (circa 1992, Jack The Rapper Convention, Atlanta, GA.)

In 1982, Calliste, 16 launched his Entrepreneurial career when he successfully promoted a Hip Hop event in North Manhattan before Hip Hop was released on vinyl.

After the event, a young man by the name of Harold McGuire p.k.a. DJ Whiz Kid of the legendary DJ Kool Herc camp and Calliste formed a good friendship. DJ Whiz Kid convinced Calliste to take his janitorial job at Tommy Boy Records. Whiz Kid would soon release “Play That Beat Mr. DJ” by Whiz Kid and G.L.O.B.E. on Tommy Boy Records.

After, Calliste got his start at Tommy Boy, he co-founded the 34+ years old, popular Hip-hop, Dance & Latin music label Cutting Records with two partners Amado Marin and Aldo Marin. While development was underway, Calliste or Hashim wrote and co-produced argurably the world’s most influential seminal and now classic Electro Hip Hop song “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as most DJ’s have dubbed it, “It’s Time” due to the B-Side introduction on the 12″.

Calliste’s, “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” went on to collectively sell over 2.5 million copies worldwide and more importantly influenced the HipHop world, DJ’s to become songwriters and producers and even the breakdance and popper cultural movement over three decades. He wrote and produced several more influential Electro HipHop tracks including but not limited to, “We’re Rockin The Planet”, “Chateau Vie”, “Primrose Path” and several songs released on other labels such as Bassmint Music, Precise Records, Tommy Boy, and C.C.L. Records.

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