US Navy’s Super Submarine | #innovation #tech @ScienceChannel

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New York, N.Y. – “The Virginia Class is one of the most advanced nuclear powered, fast attack submarines ever produced for the US Navy.”

Dives (at least) to 800 feet/ 243.84 meters, houses 135 people, is 400 feet long and weighs 7,800 tons. Visit the Science Channel to view this spectacular engineering development project. Visit U.S. Navy’s Super Submarine

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#RNCinCLE #Trump2016 Trump Licensed Name and Brand to Damac in Dubai Whose Deals Allegedly Exploit Migrant Workers

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New York, N.Y. – While Trump says, “…let’s make America great again…” there are questions about, why would the possible and wannabe President of the United States of America Donald Trump, allow his name and brand “Trump”, to be licensed to a company Damac in Dubai that allegedly exploits migrant workers?

Well you be the judge of the allegation.

Inside the Squalid Living Conditions for the Migrants Building Trump International Golf Club in Dubai

Youtube: Inside the Squalid Living Conditions for the Migrants Building Trump International Golf Club in Dubai


My Condolences to the Family of Dame Zaha Hadid a Pritzker Architecture Prize Winner #Alhamdulillah #ZahaHadid

New York, NY – Iraqi-born Muslim Dame Zaha Hadid was the first woman and Muslim, SubhanAllah to win the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize for excellence. Ms. Hadid died of a heart attack while visiting the city officials of Miami Beach, Florida where discussions were underway for her to design yet another amazing masterpiece.

Learn more about Dame Zaha Hadid > Architect Dame Zaha Hadid Dies After Heart Attack


I’m Getting Caught Up w/ @Jonfortt @Carlquintanilla @Kaylatausche #News @CNBC @SquawkAlley

New York, N.Y. – I love watching “the trio” @Kaylatausche, @Carlquintanila and @Jonfortt and their support team on @CNBC @SquawkAlley.

I DVR the show and sometimes just watch episodes back to back. This way, I do not miss any of the latest and important business news.

Everyday the Squawk Alley team deliver insightful news on new software technology, mobile technology, investing and global economy and lots more. 

The show always features phenomenal and informative guests.

Good work, good info, good show!

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#Entrepreneur #Millennials #Business @CALLISTE On The 10 Minute Meeting

New York, N.Y. – We all know the popular adage, “time is money” and for majority of people that is true. Especially true for consultants, accountants, lawyers and other service professionals time is a valuable commodity.

“We conducted meetings every 25 minutes, two meetings an hour. Then we were introduced to the 20 minute meeting, three meetings an hour”, says Callistecomm founder and senior consultant Jerry Calliste Jr.

“So the thought crossed our minds. How about the 10 minute meeting, six meetings an hour? We can conduct 1 or 2 hours worth of meetings with contractors or partners and manage 6 to 12 projects”, says Calliste Jr.

Talk about efficiency. For Callistecomm that will leave approximately 37 to 38 hours of a 40 hour work week to manage and execute plans and achieve business goals. “As managing director I have an opportunity to cover more projects and further motivate my team leaders and save time”, says Calliste Jr.

In 2009 Mr. Calliste Jr. allowed Callistecomm to adopt the 40 hour, 4 day work week. Mr. Calliste Jr. through one of his joint ventures learned from a Scandinavian partner how Scandinavians balance work, family and personal time. Calliste Jr. recalls his European counterpart saying, “I am not going to work 60 to 80 hours and all weekend on our project like you Americans work. We believe Americans work to long.”

Calliste Jr. thought he had a point. Scandinavians are routinely voted efficient and having the best education systems when working an average of 35 hours a week and vacationing 2 months out of a year.

“Imagine if your business has 4 contractors applying the same practice to their meetings. Productivity should be through the roof”, says Calliste Jr.

Calliste Jr. and his team will not be the first company to explore the 10 minute meeting. It is a known fact that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, while at Google held 10 minute meetings (Ref: Gallo, C. 2006. “How To Hold A Meeting Like Google”. Bloomberg Business. Web

In 2014, Entrepreneur magazine published an article by Drake Baer (originally posted in Business Insider), titled, “11 Ways Top Execs Like Marissa Mayer and Jeff Bezos Run Meetings Effectively” (Web:

Throughout 2016, Calliste Jr. and his team @Callistecomm (TW) will measure the outcome of holding 10 minute meetings. Expect a follow up to this post later in the year.

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Jerry Calliste Jr.

Calliste Jr. is a serial entrepreneur and energetic team leader, C-suite executive, and management consultant. For 32+ years he recruited successful teams, developed and partnered music company’s and sold an est. 5.0MM units, generating an estimated $25MM in global sales and through events management grew sales at  venues by 350%. His peers say he’s “an authority on music marketing, licensing, and independent talent development” and “…a natural at identifying new trends and opportunities related to start ups and strategic business.” He received two separate RIAA Gold awards for 500,000 units sold on popular releases. Calliste Jr. studied dual majors BSc. in Information Technology & BSc. in Management Information Sciences at The Ross School of Management and Leadership at Franklin University. He’s fluent in English, speaks moderate Spanish and French, and is learning Mandarin Chinese and Arabic.


.@TheRock HBO series “Ballers” licensed @CALLISTE aka @OFFICIAL_HASHIM’s Classic “Al-Naafiysh” or “It’s Time”

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New York, N.Y. – Are you a baller? Living legend Electro Hip-hop music, ASCAP songwriter and 2x music publisher member (’83, and ’85, ’01 respectively), producer, recording artist and independent music company Cutting Records, co-founder, former vice president and label’s first recording artist Jerry Calliste Jr. a.k.a. Hashim is a baller.

Jerry Calliste Jr., Hashim continues to amaze us with his influential music productions with yet another impressive licensing deal of his seminal classic, “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as DJ’s say, “Its Time”.

Jerry Calliste Jr.’s “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or “Its Time” appears on HBO’s “Ballers” a series that features superstar actor Dwayne Johnson @TheRock. You can hear “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or “Its Time” in episode 6 “Everything is Everything”, 2015 (ref: “Everything is Everything” song list –

The New York City and New Jersey based Cutting Records under operations for thirty-four years, is a popular Hip-hop, Dance, Pop and Latin music independent record label and music publishing company. Cutting Records has established a Grammy nominated artists and multiple R.I.A.A. gold and platinum awards music artists to date.

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