.@TheRock HBO series “Ballers” licensed @CALLISTE aka @OFFICIAL_HASHIM’s Classic “Al-Naafiysh” or “It’s Time”

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New York, N.Y. – Are you a baller? Living legend Electro Hip-hop music, ASCAP songwriter and 2x music publisher member (’83, and ’85, ’01 respectively), producer, recording artist and independent music company Cutting Records, co-founder, former vice president and label’s first recording artist Jerry Calliste Jr. a.k.a. Hashim is a baller.

Jerry Calliste Jr., Hashim continues to amaze us with his influential music productions with yet another impressive licensing deal of his seminal classic, “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as DJ’s say, “Its Time”.

Jerry Calliste Jr.’s “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or “Its Time” appears on HBO’s “Ballers” a series that features superstar actor Dwayne Johnson @TheRock. You can hear “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or “Its Time” in episode 6 “Everything is Everything”, 2015 (ref: “Everything is Everything” song list – Tunefind.com)

The New York City and New Jersey based Cutting Records under operations for thirty-four years, is a popular Hip-hop, Dance, Pop and Latin music independent record label and music publishing company. Cutting Records has established a Grammy nominated artists and multiple R.I.A.A. gold and platinum awards music artists to date.

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